Another, what the

I saw him sculpting

I dreamed of a Far Eastern boy. Chinese or Japanese? Chinese, I think.

While being transported, something went wrong, and the whole group he was with were either killed or scattered. He, though, was somehow saved and protected.

First, he was used to carry secret messages, and at one point, saw someone from his ill-fated group who recognized him – she was working as some sort of tour guide for wealthy clients.

I also saw him painting and sculpting — getting the attention from his teachers because of his skillful execution.

What will this boy become? He is special. Observant. And has an unnamed gift that he has not yet developed – I think he has the ability to behold god.

Happy Unbirthday!

Icing on the cake (according to WIKI Answers, that phrase is  a uniquely English aphorism. The etymology of “icing on the cake” is probably as simple as it appears: something sweeter on top of something already sweet)

Last night, I had the typical, come-to-class and take-the-final and oh-my-god-I’m-not-prepared dream.

Seems though, it was to be a vocabulary test, and I was hopeful that I’d wing it.

Then, change of plans! No test was to be given. YES! Go to the head of the class!

Next thing I know I’m in a room with a multitude of store-bought  birthday cakes – the ultimate birthday cake party — some chocolate, mostly vanilla, and I was eating all the icing I could scoop up with my finger. Big gobs. Whole roses. The fluting décor that skirts the bottom of the cake…

The taste, I admit, wasn’t always full flavored. Some was a little stiff, tasteless, a day old. But most wasn’t, and I was eating away, along with another lady – she was taking some of hers home in a plastic container for later.

Then, I tried a glob of chocolate icing, usually not my favorite, and the lady wanted the green leaf. I gave her some, I guess, but not much. YUM. Taste that chocolate!

A dream come true! No final exam AND all the icing I could eat. No holds barred (which, by the way, is a wrestling term, which means “no rules, no restrictions”).

WHAT was that ALL about? Food for thought…

Footnote: My daughter, the social worker, once explained to me that eating the icing first has to do with wanting immediate gratification… Maybe so, but I’m excited about having a dream where I am rewarded for not being prepared. That has to be progress, except that I do have a slight stomach ache this morning.

Sono, an unpublished dream

los venduros puodo the vendor I

In my dream, I was trying to learn Spanish, and I was the only one not getting it. There was a book, but I couldn’t read it. I didn’t even know what page the words were on, and no one would tell me. Everyone was impatient because I could not learn.


I could not hear the words. I could not see the words. I tried to write them down, but I didn’t have them right, and in a dream, it’s hard to make them stay on the page.

And, even when I am awake, I can’t read my handwriting, anyway.

Everyone else was learning organically. I could not. I do not learn by immersion. I learn by seeing, hearing, reading. But wait a minute. Isn’t that immersion?

So, what do I need?

A book.

I need to know what page the words are on.

I need to see the sentence of Spanish words.

I need to know the translation.

Give me a book. Tell me where in the book we are reading. Where is the sentence? And I can see it. Read it. Force myself to remember it.

Next morning, I don’t remember the exact words in my dream. There were two sentences. I looked up the words I recall and they are not words.

Aquí está la ropa. que estén limpias. Here are the clothes. They are clean.