Sono, an unpublished dream

los venduros puodo the vendor I

In my dream, I was trying to learn Spanish, and I was the only one not getting it. There was a book, but I couldn’t read it. I didn’t even know what page the words were on, and no one would tell me. Everyone was impatient because I could not learn.


I could not hear the words. I could not see the words. I tried to write them down, but I didn’t have them right, and in a dream, it’s hard to make them stay on the page.

And, even when I am awake, I can’t read my handwriting, anyway.

Everyone else was learning organically. I could not. I do not learn by immersion. I learn by seeing, hearing, reading. But wait a minute. Isn’t that immersion?

So, what do I need?

A book.

I need to know what page the words are on.

I need to see the sentence of Spanish words.

I need to know the translation.

Give me a book. Tell me where in the book we are reading. Where is the sentence? And I can see it. Read it. Force myself to remember it.

Next morning, I don’t remember the exact words in my dream. There were two sentences. I looked up the words I recall and they are not words.

Aquí está la ropa. que estén limpias. Here are the clothes. They are clean.

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