So, what does the MOB have to be thankful for? Plenty! For one thing, I am really thankful that I don’t mind being a MOB.

Turkey Day, Another Time
Turkey Day, Another Time

It took plenty of time to get to this point, and there are some advantages.

1. The kids are grown and they actually are entertaining and nice (yes, for those of you with little ones, the day will come!)

2. I’m not going broke (well, maybe I am, but it’s so slow, I don’t notice).

3. I have a roof over my head (It’s old. the original tin. And it doesn’t need to be repaired. I love it! The insurance adjuster gave it a 90 percent, and said old tin roofs are the best! and the plumbing and wiring aren’t bad, either I have been told).

4. My body is holding up for the time being, and I haven’t paid it a bit of attention (I file my nails while driving).

5. I have lovely friends and a darling family.

6. And even though the economy sucks, I think I might be getting a toe hold.

So, thank you, God, Goddess, turkey, my lucky stars, blue sky, terra firma…


Giving up the day job meant giving up that sense of security. Thinking about doing without, I recalled my sister’s security blanket, the one she couldn’t do without, an ugly old thing with holes.

Finally, she had to be five or so, my grandfather bought it from her. For five bucks, I think. In no time at all, she was so miserable, she wanted to buy it back.

My son went through a similar thing with his. I can’t remember how he finally gave it up.

That’s when I realized how strange that thing called security is. That old ratty security blanket, it couldn’t even keep you warm at night…

Quick. Think about just one really nice thing from your childhood

Grandmom and Brynne
Grandmom and Brynne, 15 years later, and 39 years ago

Right away I see my grandmother. I am six and I am sitting across the table from her at the farm. I am feeling sad, because my sister got to sit next to her.

Grandmother is leaving for the winter. I already miss her.

“Don’t be sad,” she said. “I’m sitting right across from you. See? who-o-o, who-o-o. You can just wave at me and say, ‘who-o-o, who-o-o.’”

Somehow that worked and I perked up. I didn’t have to sit next to her to be close. I could just look at her and wave and say, “who-o-o, who-o-o” (Look at me! Here I am! I’m close by! I love you!).