So, what does the MOB have to be thankful for? Plenty! For one thing, I am really thankful that I don’t mind being a MOB.

Turkey Day, Another Time
Turkey Day, Another Time

It took plenty of time to get to this point, and there are some advantages.

1. The kids are grown and they actually are entertaining and nice (yes, for those of you with little ones, the day will come!)

2. I’m not going broke (well, maybe I am, but it’s so slow, I don’t notice).

3. I have a roof over my head (It’s old. the original tin. And it doesn’t need to be repaired. I love it! The insurance adjuster gave it a 90 percent, and said old tin roofs are the best! and the plumbing and wiring aren’t bad, either I have been told).

4. My body is holding up for the time being, and I haven’t paid it a bit of attention (I file my nails while driving).

5. I have lovely friends and a darling family.

6. And even though the economy sucks, I think I might be getting a toe hold.

So, thank you, God, Goddess, turkey, my lucky stars, blue sky, terra firma…

One thought on “ThanksGiving

  1. Roof over head..important
    Body holding up..important
    Lovely friends..important
    Lovely man and adorable dog..the ribbon that ties it all up.
    Happy Thanksgiving from Tuscany.


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