Just to be explicit, and make sure we are all on the same page, I need to give you my definition of a bitch:

The core (or heart) of every woman contains direction, strength and certainty – call it animal instinct if you will. Polite society has ordained that this naked vitality be covered up.  That is a big mistake. The bitch part of us is not a bad thing. Own it and keep the “mean old” part under control. Once accepted, the “mean old” falls by the wayside, anyway. Try it. You’ll see. CD

Starting Over

Learning something new can be absolutely frustrating. Mean Old Bitch, though, already knows that. Lesson 1. Keep the Bitch. Control the Mean Old. The Bitch is located in our powerful center, and is perfectly ok — she is motivated by pure animal instinct. Mean and Old are just adjectives somebody decided to add on to our proud birthright to make us bitches feel bad. Don’t bother to go there. The Bitch takes a deep breath, puts her attention on the goal at hand, and forges ahead. Yes! I feel better already! CD