Gaping Void

Sometimes, I play this game with the Internet — I throw a question at it and see what answer it returns.

I was needing some inspiration, and the net god sent me back a gaping void. 37 ideas on how to jumpstart creativity, starting with 1. Ignore everybody.

My favorite, and the answer to my question — 24. Don’t worry about finding inspiration. It comes eventually.


The Unaccountable

I was shocked by this.

In the accompanying May 30,2010 New York Times story, “The Great Unknown,” a blessing of war, it says, is the fact that, now, at least, we are able to name those we have lost. In earlier wars, we had no idea who the dead were. Small consolation.

“The sad reality is that there will likely be new recruits for Arlington’s ranks, now 300,000 strong,” Robert Poole, author of On Hallowed Ground said. “Though all losses are painful, perhaps we can take some consolation in the knowledge that the names of those who will sacrifice so much are unlikely to go unknown.”

Graphic is by Rumors, a design studio.

Can I borrow a baby, please?

My world has a lot to do with sounds, and the lack of them. My favorite dreams are music dreams — just pure music. no images. I think, if there is a heaven, it will be full of music like that.

Sleep Sheep by Cloud B
Sleep Sheep by Cloud B

There will be some light in heaven, too. Sparkly points of light. So, here’s some of that, too.

Twilight Turtle Cloud B
Twilight Turtle Cloud B

I’m all set for my next baby gift.

I love this!

Here’s what Sanders says: Pinch a Little Sunshine!

Yes, I love this. I was thinking how grumpy and stressed out I’ve been. Can hardly stand myself, and along comes this guy who reminds me to look on the bright side! I had forgotten how!

So, today, what did i notice bright and sunny? The most gorgeous blue skies! And I love being nestled in my bedroom — it’s dark and cool. And, while I’ve been working, I’ve sipped the most delicious herbal tea!

Oh my!