Nicolism: No broccoli for you

Does this broccoli look mad?

I had just made home-made broccoli soup. Two cups. Nick was drinking the second cup.

Nick: Be careful of broccoli, ma. It’s full of testosterone and that’s not good for you. It will make you all mean.

Me: What’s wrong with a little self-assertiveness?

Nick: I thought you wanted to be a sweet little old lady.

Me: (speechless, as usual.)

Yes, he takes the place of mom, but i return the favor, and sound just like her when I’m with him.

Yes, mom. I’m afraid there is a god!

Nicolism: on headaches

Will I ever listen? Nick says: "She never does."

I’m just popping the tab on my second diet coke of the day… “Mom, that’s why you get headaches…”


(Nick doesn’t know it, but one of his missions in life is to take the place of my mom… Look for more Nicolisms, plenty to come).

and, ps, I did get a headache.