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There are 3.5 billion women in the world and, make no mistake about it, ALL of them are bitches. So, if you are female, it’s time to own up to this fact, because this is the key to becoming 100 percent self-actualized WOMAN.

Try the title on for size. The MOB offers a 100% money back guarantee about this. You will not be sorry.


“I am really impressed with the amount I gained (not in weight, but weighty) in just 5 minutes. All I had to do is slip into the MOB T-Shirt. Other T-Shirts I tried really didn’t do as much for me as this T-Shirt did. I have to say, “Bitch” is a very empowering word.”
— Helen Wheels,Chillicothe, MISS
Before MOB: sweet as honey – After MOB: For real

Why will the developers of MOB be featured in media worldwide?

Simple – MOB beats any other empowerment system on the market — and in less than 5 minutes! It is the only program in the world so effective that all you have to do is try it on for size to actually grow in stature (figuratively speaking).

In November 2008, a select group of women (and supportive men) were given the MOB Hi-Power Give Me Five System  (T-Shirt, MOB Security System, coffee mug, bumper sticker and personal journal). In a single, 5-minute experiment, their average feMENSA IQ skyrocketed to 100 percent with no decrease in overall humanity. Available only at the highest levels of research for the last 50 years, MOB is now available to the general public for the first time through the MOB Learning Institute.

The MOB method is the only system labeled “The fastest and most scientific empowerment program in the world” by world-famous female Martha Moffett, author of Keepaway and A Flower Pot is Not a Hat.

 Science makes the difference: Developed and tested by mature, mostly divorced, authentic females.

The most popular commercial “finishing schools” are based on disproven techniques involving subconscious pseudoscience. A kind of “Do the right thing” which is actually never the right thing. Basic research on Lexis-Nexus and MedLine immediately discredits this approach, which ignores the most basic scientific fact: Girls can add and subtract just as good as the guys. Do the math and see for yourself. See our unpaid testimonials page for feedback from women who have used this ineffective program prior to membership in MOB.

The MOB method, in sharp contrast, was developed by analyzing the techniques of successful women internationally.  What is the science behind the program? The commonalities among successful women were isolated and combined with the last three decades of advanced neuroscience research to provide a user-friendly system for giving the average female the capabilities to come in to (or out of) herself, alongside the top 1 percent in the world within 5 minutes. In 8 years, and 2,600 woman-hours of investigation and experimentation, the MOB Method has been repeatedly proven as the most effective (and safe) procedure in the world for increasing self-esteem without decreasing overall hu(wo)manity.

The MOB Method has been tested in 6 languages, and even dyslexics have been re-conditioned to assert themselves.

Look “bitch” up in the French and German dictionaries – They advise, “Use with caution” or “avoid.” For Spanish, WikiAnswers won’t even go there. Closed for discussion they say. In Italian, it’s a Z word and is classified as vulgar. In Chinese, MOB found three sets of characters, with the last: This is a modern Chinese slang, though not a good word, somehow can be used between close friends, male or female are both OK.
Didn’t want to go there in Arabic, you had to sign up to get the answer.

By comparison, the average female has been conditioned to fit the social stereotype as a child, and is compliant by 7.


How quickly can I increase my self-esteem with the MOB system?

A level of speed unattainable with months of conventional psychoanalysis can be achieved in a matter of five minutes with the MOB system.

The MOB method produces an average increase in self-esteem of 300 percent in just minutes. It is guaranteed that you will increase your assertiveness in a single wearing (even before your T hits the laundry bin – and it is guaranteed that the effects will not wash out).

If you were to triple your assertiveness, reducing your ineffectiveness, you would save yourself hours of worthless activity.

What would you pay to get three times as much done in the same time you now spend pussy-footing around? Hey, they don’t call female cats, bitches.

Using the MOB method (wearing your MOB-T), you can return your investment within a matter of days.

Many ladies pre MOB have indicated that they now spend one day per week relaxing, rather than going to the mall and spending X amount of dollars on feel-good items. Others reported that they spend up to two hours less a day complaining about their state of affairs. Now, they are having them, if they so wish. Members of the MOB save time and money.

Many of the world’s most popular self-help systems cost more than $500. What do you get for your $500? You “may” experience an increase of self-esteem after weeks of practicing. In sharp contrast, the MOB system has a proven track record of scientifically increasing assertiveness by simply being upfront about proclaiming who you are.

dog_mob tshirt

How do you empower yourself?

The MOB Method was developed to uncover self-defeating lies that do not contribute to increased effectiveness.

Once you properly understand the scientific principles of the MOB system, you can eliminate inefficiencies and increase productivity while improving health, wealth and well being. Bitchines is a natural process limited primarily by social factors. Behavior can be conditioned to produce quantum improvements in both work and home life.

No serious learner should invest in any method that claims to use the subconscious or otherwise refutes the scientific facts related to the physical dependency on social norms.

  1. You must demystify bitchiness. Don’t buy into the negative connotations that society places on women. Rather, wear your birthright proudly, and reap the rewards by committing to your authentic self.
  2. You must minimize regression and back-skipping to increase effectiveness. Don’t let yourself down by complying with social pressures. Recognize your true self at every opportunity, and create a new social context and support system.
  3. You must use conditioning drills to increase perception. Repeat after me: “I am a bitch. I am a bitch. I am a bitch.” You CAN say it three times fast, and immediately feel the benefits.

What does the MOB Method contain?

  1. Basic shirt
  2. And any other MOB item can be used to support bitchiness.


By participating in this comprehensive program, you will learn never-before-released secrets of  hyperbitching, including:

The science behind the World’s best-known bitches.
Why following social norms is not necessary.
Primary and secondary factors relating to dis-empowerment.
How to determine and fix the precise weaknesses that limit your effectiveness.
How to use a 4-point focus (I am a bitch I am a bitch I am a bitch I am a bitch).
How to decrease regressive tendencies by 300 percent within five minutes.
How time controls and reaction speed testing correlates.
How to develop acuity through “focus extension” exercises.
Assisted and unassisted training for the prevention of regression.
How to specifically address separate facts of information processing (encoding, indexing, storage, recognition and active recall).
How to apply the “psychology of skill acquisition.”
How to unrestrain, retain and retrain.