Happy Unbirthday!

Icing on the cake (according to WIKI Answers, that phrase is  a uniquely English aphorism. The etymology of “icing on the cake” is probably as simple as it appears: something sweeter on top of something already sweet)

Last night, I had the typical, come-to-class and take-the-final and oh-my-god-I’m-not-prepared dream.

Seems though, it was to be a vocabulary test, and I was hopeful that I’d wing it.

Then, change of plans! No test was to be given. YES! Go to the head of the class!

Next thing I know I’m in a room with a multitude of store-bought  birthday cakes – the ultimate birthday cake party — some chocolate, mostly vanilla, and I was eating all the icing I could scoop up with my finger. Big gobs. Whole roses. The fluting décor that skirts the bottom of the cake…

The taste, I admit, wasn’t always full flavored. Some was a little stiff, tasteless, a day old. But most wasn’t, and I was eating away, along with another lady – she was taking some of hers home in a plastic container for later.

Then, I tried a glob of chocolate icing, usually not my favorite, and the lady wanted the green leaf. I gave her some, I guess, but not much. YUM. Taste that chocolate!

A dream come true! No final exam AND all the icing I could eat. No holds barred (which, by the way, is a wrestling term, which means “no rules, no restrictions”).

WHAT was that ALL about? Food for thought…

Footnote: My daughter, the social worker, once explained to me that eating the icing first has to do with wanting immediate gratification… Maybe so, but I’m excited about having a dream where I am rewarded for not being prepared. That has to be progress, except that I do have a slight stomach ache this morning.

2 thoughts on “Happy Unbirthday!

  1. That was a funny dream!! I think it means you’re going to be very successful very soon with out having to work so hard for it.


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