Fall Mill Valley

Just got back. Was helping my son with his children while his wife was out of town. Brought my work with me, so this was not a vacation. Although totally enjoyable, I did not do much in the way of touristy things. On my last full day, I did take my camera and go for an hour’s walk. uphill this time. the roads and driveways in this town! you take your life in your hands, all in the name of beauty! Last picture is Ted’s house. I learned to maneuver in and out of that driveway, halfway up. When Ted takes his car all the way up, he has to spin his wheels and burn rubber! and getting out! God forbid someone is coming up the road!

Ted says: “Oh, people tend to drive carefully, but there are a couple of knuckleheads.”

Wow! When I think of teenagers driving! This town is loaded with young families. There will come a day when all those kids are driving their porches and BMWs up and down these hills. I’ll probably be dead by then…

So, here’s my one hour’s worth of photos from this trip.


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