burnt outside – inside raw

Love that headline. Of course, it had to do with food.

The secret, the blogger said, was to throw the steak (or fish) on the grill to get those black lines, and then to finish it off in the oven. How else, he asks, would those restaurant cooks or caterers responsible for big parties deliver all that perfect looking food?

But for me, “burnt outside inside raw,” feels like the beginning of a philosophical discussion. The real question (as far as humanly possible) is how to avoid that state? I wouldn’t mind being the same temperature through and through, perfectly consistent in texture and feeling, appealing and delectable. Don’t you agree? And, also, would it be cheating to finish it off in the oven, and how does that relate, physically (or mentally) speaking?

Now, I’ve heard about trial by fire, but there’s gotta be an easier way.

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