I have always been attracted to small spaces. Keep thinking I can live in my kids’ back yard from time to time! and my grandchildren will take it over when I’m not “home.”

It might be a granny thing. And as long as granny has a left foot, this little place would be a perfect fit!

It has a photovoltaic system and can produce all the energy it needs. It also raises 1,000 pounds per year in FiT income. Waste is either composted or drained away to a small reed-bed and soak-away (will have to find out about the soak away).

At first, I wondered about falling out of bed, but on watching the animated version, I see that it has some safety sides, sort of like Nicolas’ old bunk bed (which he did fly off of one time when he was about three in his SuperHero stage). That’s when I had to triple lock the doors out to the balcony — we lived on the seventh floor at the time. To find out more about the project, and to see photos, visit the cube’s site.

update: may 2018, even more stuff. now no worries about falling out of bed…