I can’t tell…

…Hannah, because her mother  objects to me using words like “bitch” in front of the kids, and they don’t know about this site.

But, I do think that, for fun, I should post Hannah’s and my video…

The back story — I saw the IPhone video with tons of “bad words.”

Here’s the link to the bad word version

I cleaned up the story and told it to Hannah who thought it was the most hilarious story ever and asked me to repeat it over and over. So, I said, let’s video it and you can watch it whenever you want.

It served some purpose and, for a while, I did not have to retell the story, but it wasn’t long before Hannah started needling me to see the real version. No, I told her, too many cuss words and your mom will get mad at me. Guess what she said… I don’t care. I just want to see it!