burnt outside – inside raw

Love that headline. Of course, it had to do with food.

The secret, the blogger said, was to throw the steak (or fish) on the grill to get those black lines, and then to finish it off in the oven. How else, he asks, would those restaurant cooks or caterers responsible for big parties deliver all that perfect looking food?

But for me, “burnt outside inside raw,” feels like the beginning of a philosophical discussion. The real question (as far as humanly possible) is how to avoid that state? I wouldn’t mind being the same temperature through and through, perfectly consistent in texture and feeling, appealing and delectable. Don’t you agree? And, also, would it be cheating to finish it off in the oven, and how does that relate, physically (or mentally) speaking?

Now, I’ve heard about trial by fire, but there’s gotta be an easier way.

Nicolism: No broccoli for you

Does this broccoli look mad?

I had just made home-made broccoli soup. Two cups. Nick was drinking the second cup.

Nick: Be careful of broccoli, ma. It’s full of testosterone and that’s not good for you. It will make you all mean.

Me: What’s wrong with a little self-assertiveness?

Nick: I thought you wanted to be a sweet little old lady.

Me: (speechless, as usual.)

Yes, he takes the place of mom, but i return the favor, and sound just like her when I’m with him.

Yes, mom. I’m afraid there is a god!

Nicolism: on headaches

Will I ever listen? Nick says: "She never does."

I’m just popping the tab on my second diet coke of the day… “Mom, that’s why you get headaches…”


(Nick doesn’t know it, but one of his missions in life is to take the place of my mom… Look for more Nicolisms, plenty to come).

and, ps, I did get a headache.

explaining your time warner bill

from the new yorker. gave me a good laugh. needed it!

Made me think of my old ATT bill that was supposed to be cheaper than the MCI service. Only after they added on all the taxes, it was always more. I don’t try to figure it out anymore. MCI, not sure it still exists. That company may not have had as many taxes, but if you did have to dispute a problem, you would have to “hold” for at least an hour. OMG.

Anyway, the $1.35 that “somehow goes to Goldman Sachs” is a good one. as well as the $120.32 that goes to “Residuals owed to composer of ‘Please Hold’ music.”

take spring lying down

I don’t believe it. I missed spring by more than a month! Is that because I live in an eternally spring place? where the regional pastime is lying about in a hammock? I must get a hammock. They are not that expensive.

wrong kind, and wrong kind of lying about

Here’s what I learned about hammocks, according to Tommy Homaka, Don’t buy the knotted rope kind that you think of when you think about hammocks — they are hugely uncomfortable.

lying about the right way

Of course, he sells hammocks — knot the traditional knotted rope kind! I’ve never met him, although, I think he lives here in Lake Worth, but had the pleasure of interviewing him years ago. He knot only told me about the wrong kind of hammock to buy, he also told me that people don’t even know how to correctly lie about in a hammock (it’s across). I have knot bought a hammock yet (no time for lying about and I’m not lying about that). and this has been a huge exercise in the correct way to use lay / lie, and I’m really chicken about that grammar rule.

And talking about chickens, that brings me back to spring, or easter at least, which is today, and I didn’t miss it.

Here’s what I found out when I checked out the grammar  (again).

Yahoo questions

“I was laying in bed or lying in bed?”

grammar help 🙂

Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

“You were lying in bed. Laying refers to an object being laid there by something else. Lying refers to something being laid by their own will.”