take spring lying down

I don’t believe it. I missed spring by more than a month! Is that because I live in an eternally spring place? where the regional pastime is lying about in a hammock? I must get a hammock. They are not that expensive.

wrong kind, and wrong kind of lying about

Here’s what I learned about hammocks, according to Tommy Homaka, Don’t buy the knotted rope kind that you think of when you think about hammocks — they are hugely uncomfortable.

lying about the right way

Of course, he sells hammocks — knot the traditional knotted rope kind! I’ve never met him, although, I think he lives here in Lake Worth, but had the pleasure of interviewing him years ago. He knot only told me about the wrong kind of hammock to buy, he also told me that people don’t even know how to correctly lie about in a hammock (it’s across). I have knot bought a hammock yet (no time for lying about and I’m not lying about that). and this has been a huge exercise in the correct way to use lay / lie, and I’m really chicken about that grammar rule.

And talking about chickens, that brings me back to spring, or easter at least, which is today, and I didn’t miss it.

Here’s what I found out when I checked out the grammar  (again).

Yahoo questions

“I was laying in bed or lying in bed?”

grammar help 🙂

Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

“You were lying in bed. Laying refers to an object being laid there by something else. Lying refers to something being laid by their own will.”

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