Report on Voice Changer

not great. Parents hated it. Kids weren’t impressed. One voice option only, sort of a cross between a robot and a munchkin…

the night goggles. Terrible. (Here’s my original post...)

They were from National Geographics, too. I don’t know what I was expecting. Something high tech? These were very uncomfortable, with a teeny little flashlight on the bridge over the nose. I think I was expecting to see things kind of green. No. Could barely see anything. Did like the earphone thingy, though. Enhanced the night sounds. Probably liked it because I had no expectations…
The little rings from National Geographics were kind of cool. A whole package for under $25.

All three generations of us had fun with two games, though, Telestrations and Would You Rather. Telestrations is kind of like Telephone, but with Illustrations. And Would You Rather posed dilemmas, and you got to pick which one you’d like to struggle with.

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