poppa neutrino, random lunacy

can’t put it here, have to go to poppa’s  site

This guy, how he got started — he found this dog dying. he helped the dog. the dog looked at him with love, and then bit him. then died.

“ok, death is coming. what can i do before it happens?”

“This guy makes jack kerouac look like he lived with his mother, and went out on the road on weekends…”

“When you go for your three deepest desires, you know what you want to do…”

“We likes a soft deck. It’s easy to sleep on.”

“I am a snake. I’m going to bite you. Stay away from me.”

“Todd forgot about the rabbit part, If you see my rabbit face, approach me.”

“Severity was a word thrown around a lot.”

“going across the atlantic was a plan and a half.”

“Just hanging out there, trying not to go backwards.”

“Extremity in all areas. moderation in none.”

and what’s up now? think it has something to do with this.

“The shoes separated and my toes kept going…”

In Mexico, he and his family joined  a circus

“We were actually sort of a hit.”

“The truck is wearing out,”

“I didn’t know where I was going, but i didn’t show that.”

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