The sign

Sometimes, I play this game with the universe, where I ask it for a little sign to speed me along my way.

Today, this is what I got back.

Ok, thank you, universe. I’m smiling. This hand signal, with the pointer raised up, could mean, “The lingerie department is on the next floor.” Or it could mean, “For cryinging out loud.  Pay attention. This is important!” Or it could mean, “This is a warning! I am not going to repeat this again!”

But that cute teeny monkey, hanging onto that figure for dear life, don’t you just love it? That’s just got to mean something! Monkeys aren’t exactly authority figures, unless they are a whole heck of a lot bigger than this one!

Play my game with the universe with me!  Make up a meaning!

All I can say, next time someone tries to tell me what to do, I’m going to think of that cute little baby monkey!

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