I am a sailboat!

Every so often, I feel wonderful. Very happy. Peacefully excited maybe a little bit in love.

What the heck is that?

Here are the kinds of situations where I begin to feel that way.

• When I’m finished work, and can take a minute to play.

• Right as I start to take my day off.

• Taking some time off to go shopping.

• Getting ready to jump into bed.

All in all — Relishing the moments that are mine and mine alone.

Hey. Is there some kind of pattern here?

I think I’ll take a whole day to do that. But when?

And then something happens, and I feel the rush. Not in a good way. It’s heavy and horrible. When the realization sets in that I have very hard work to do, and I better get at it.

What the heck is that? Who made it so very hard and horrible?

The other day, I had a realization. When I wake up in the morning and face another long period of work. I put on a huge smile (forced, I might add), and say, “This is fun!”

The weird thing is, it sort of works!

This is from a site about building a sailboat. Sounds like too much work, but I'm going to check it out! Click on the picture to go take a look... I was going to say, like any of us have the time... the thing is, I guess, all of us have to make the time. Let's start now!

Then the sailboat dream, followed by the message from Isabel.

“Quickly before I go…” working until midnight from 6am!  please  please be careful.  I know that you have been through hard times, and that there is a future out there that you would like to secure, but you also must not induce disease by overworking yourself.  You know that I am as close to being an atheist as it’s possible, but St. Augustine appears to have been a pretty wise guy, and the Augustinian Rule says 8 hours work, 8 hours leisure and meditation, 8 hours sleep.  Leisure time and of course, sleep are real necessities for the body’s immune system to keep our health, both physically and mentally.  I think all the wise people out there, Lamas and others would agree on this.”

And the sailboat dream. What lovely boats, all oiled wood, sleek — vessels that use the wind to move them, and engineered to make it so. Masters of leisure time – actually the ultimate symbol. Who, but the very rich, can own such a lovely thing?

Oh how I would love to be a sailboat!

When the wind dies down, the sailboat rests quietly. In a storm, with sails trimmed, it rides the waves. And these sailboats I envision, they are pleasure crafts. They can race, but more often, they just are out and about, traveling around (going on exotic, thought-out, amazing trips) and having a good old time.

What a life!

St. Augustine. Did he have a boat?

ps. visited the sailboat site. they have building a sailboat in about five or so easy steps! sounds like an afternoon’s work! so funny!

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