Working for Santa

thin santa by Mimi Kirchner

You are not going to believe this, but I dreamed I was hired by Santa Claus the other night. And, by the way, in my mind at least, he is not fat (and now  that I think about it, not all that old, either).

I was working on some really stupid assembly line (where the workers actually took a conveyor belt to get to work), and Santa saw me, pulled me off the line, and gave me a job. I’ll be darned if I can remember what he actually had me doing, exactly, but it was challenging and satisfying (It might have been marketing, or something like that — that would be great, wouldn’t it? Marketing for Santa? With his renown and popularity that would a fun job!

Santa let me think for myself, be creative and come up with solutions. He was not a micro-manager.

In the dream, being allowed to work this way, changed me. I became a nicer person! Oh, Santa!

I woke up happy.

Santa! Where are you? Do you have a job available?

Got the thin santa picture from Mimi Kirchner’s web site, which i plan to go back and read. On her homepage, I saw the sewing machine that my sister just handed over to me. I may want to make one of these dolls. I don’t know what my thing about dolls is all about, but I have always liked hand-made stuffed dolls.

So, maybe I’ll end up working for Santa after all!

Oh, I just realized how funny this is! Santa’s Mean Old Bitch makes dolls!

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