Here’s that book

Prayed to St. Anthony. Still don’t have my gorillapod.

Have been offered Gorilla Glue. Maybe that will help me from losing things, if I wear it.

And, also (look here, Brynne!), here’s that old Joy of Cooking that we were looking for!

Thanks to Design Sponge, I know where that book is — second shelf down, a bit to the left, next to that old hob-nail milk-glass pitcher of mother’s, were we looking for that, too?

Now, if I could just find that blueberry cake recipe, we used to like. It was halfway healthy.

Without icing.

I’ve lost it

my gorillapod. Here’s what it looks like

Sob. My tripod

If I left it at your house, could you please let me know? I miss it. It is so cute! Please send me back my gorilla… Thanks.

I asked my son if he saw it. He did the cleaning the other day (don’t ask). I HAVE NOT SEEN YOUR TRIPOD, he said.

But, I knew he wasn’t thinking about my gorillapod. I doubted he knew what I was talking about. It’s black and white, about 15 inches high and looks like a bunch of yo-yos strung together, I continued (does that help?)


Oh please, let it be at your house…