Glass breaks

Guess what I had to buy this morning… A blender!

No, it was not out of envy for my son’s 12-speed model. (link provided, in case you want to revisit THAT post).

It’s more because, I don’t know, I’m getting old? (That link shows my coffee pot with a hole in it, so you don’t have to click if you don’t feel like it).

Now, I am not going to explain why I bought a blender. You guess…

Here’s a hint:

And NOOOOO. It was not my son who broke it.

It was ole-miss-take-care-of-everything instead of minding-her-own-business.

Lesson learned. Do not clean up after anybody until you’ve had your first cup of coffee (provided that you have not broken the coffee pot).

North L

And to think that I saw it on North L Street! I heard them first — that familiar clip clop, but knew I shouldn’t be hearing that sound. But there they were!

Denise and MoMo and Brian and Cally (I think?)

I went running down the street after them. Finally caught up, and asked them what they were doing in Lake Worth.
“We’re looking for this lady,” Brian said.
“She’s wearing a black dress and she has gray hair.”
“Oh, I said. “Did she do something bad?”
“Well, we were told to drag her in,” he said.

You take the cake

And I’ll eat the icing! Look at it all!

Van Gogh, icing, Scorpius

Really, they have nothing to do with each other.

But I think they do!

I don’t know who created this cake. I found it on stumble! Don’t ask me how come this cake made me think of vegetables, but it did. I recalled my recent conversation with Carol about vegetables (I was eating a pastry). I told her I hated them (the vegetables). She said, well then, WHAT do you want to eat?


She just nodded. How could she be judgmental? She had just confessed that she recently demolished a large amount of Swiss cake rolls (I don’t know where to buy THOSE, thank god!)

And then, this cake, of course,  made me think of Starry Night, and I remembered my pact with myself to stargaze, and  went outside to  see what was up… Total cloud cover! Scorpius and the moon should have been right outside my front door, but they weren’t.

So, you see, you can think about Van Gogh, icing and Scorpius all at the same time, as well as vegetables and Swiss cake rolls!

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Tom!