midnight, jupiter

happened to be still up, so went outside to see Jupiter.It is huge and it is bright and it is directly overhead, just where I was told it would be.

It won’t be this big or this bright again until 2022.  On Monday, it passed 368 million miles from the Earth —  the nearest it’s been to our planet since 1963 (and god knows, I know how long ago that was!)

It’s three times brighter than Sirius, the brightest star. Uranus also makes a close approach, and will appear close to Jupiter, but I couldn’t see it.

At dusk, Jupiter will be low in the east. Just before sunrise, it will be visible setting in the west. And, this viewing opportunity will continue for many weeks!

Only thing is I have tons of trees to the east and a high building to the west, so I HAVE to wait until midnight for my chance to see it!

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