Let’s go to church

But let’s only go for a couple of minutes

Here’s the text that came with the video: It’s from Tim Sanders’ site, and he suggests taking a few minutes off every day to spend some time in a quiet place — a great idea — a gift to the soul. Sounded so good to me, I wanted to keep his video close to me, like on my site, so I could visit virtually.

Now, I’m going to get on my high horse, and do some art history. Thought I’d check my books first. Yes, I still have some! I knew my old Praeger book on Medieval Art had lost its cover (and some of its pages), so I thought it would be easy to find on my bookshelves. Pulled out Mary Poppins instead — That book is coverless, too!

But alas, Santa Maria del Mar isn’t in the Praeger book or Janson’s History of Art either, so here I go back to Wikipedia.

The cathedral, a Catalan Gothic in Barcelona, was built in the mid 1300s, although first mention of the church dates from 998. Churches take a long time to be built, it seems, especially taking into account that one of the towers was finished in 1902!

Exterior architecture is said to be severe, and belies the spacious interior, which gives the impression of being filled with light.

So, there you go.

2 thoughts on “Let’s go to church

  1. Great post. I needed that. Yes, I guess building churches was an ongoing occupation. I don’t think they ever finished Sagrada de Familia (sp?) in Barcelona. Rumor has it that architect Antonio Gaudi stepped backwards into the road to admire his project and was run over and killed by a carriage. I think they’re still building though. Anybody know?


    1. Started in 1886 and still in progress according to wikipedia. Completion said to be at least 2026. A portion is to be opened for public worship and tours this year. The church is to be consecrated in November of this year by the Pope.

      On the subject of the extremely long construction period, Gaudí is said to have remarked, “My client is not in a hurry.”

      According to my old art history book, Gaudi was a deeply religious person. He was stuck down by a trolley car in Barcelona on his way to church services June 7, 1926, and died on the 10th.

      There’s tons more — that he was quite a dandy as a young man, vain and handsome. But with all his work with the church, he grew quite zealous and was considered something of a saint. He was eccentric, a vegetarian, took homeopathic medicines and lived a celibate life.

      I love his architecture. Someday maybe I’ll get a chance to visit.


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