What goes around comes around

Who is Win Wenger? I found him by accident last night — in one of those emails I have subscribed to and usually don’t read anymore (this one was from Mark Joyner and the subject line read “Awaken your brain in 30 seconds.”

Ok, I thought. Let’s see what he’s up to.

Here’s part of what was in the email:

“Now, if you’re looking for a quick fix, here’s what
you do.

“This is a technique taught by Win Wenger …

“It’s simple: close your eyes and visualize in your mind that your head is about one inch bigger all around than it is.

“Actually *see* this in your mind’s eye.

“If you hold this image in your head for about 30 seconds straight it sends your nervous system a signal to pump more oxygen to your brain.

“It’s a bizarre “brain hack,” but it’s actually measurable via CT scan.

“People who try it usually experience a sense of heightened alertness on the first try. (if it didn’t work – try a few times – really *see* your head as
being larger in your mind’s eye).

“Wow! Remind me not to do this again before bedtime!

This morning, after a truly strange “sleep,” I reread the email and saw that Mark attributed this to Win Wenger. I looked him up and see that he is working on something that he calls “Project Renaissance.” There are even job openings for writers. I skip around, and come to his bio. At the end I come to “…Win Wenger and his wife, Susan — herself the author of The Better Baby Book…”

Yikes, I remember her. I took her course and did her flash cards for Aimee 28 years ago! The math series contained cards with red dots up to 100, I think. You say a number, and your 8-month-old (or younger) crawls over and picks up the right card. Aimee was pretty good at it — and she’s still good at math!

One thought on “What goes around comes around

  1. The name is very familiar to me but I don’t know why. When you thought of a bigger head was your hair effected? I will reserve a special time to perform this experiment. Perhaps I will listen to Mozart at the same time and have a double exposure…to something.


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