come back, I’ll buy some

I feel really bad about this. It was dark, and I was tired. that’s my excuse. I was pulling all those dam palm fronds out to the street for pick up tomorrow, and I was wondering if there were snakes hiding in the pile.

I hear a voice. “Do you want some help?” I look up and there’s a man standing there with a little boy, maybe 8 or so? I say, “No thanks. I’m almost done.”

They do not move along, and I wonder what there is left to say. The little boy asks if I want to buy candy for his fundraiser. I say, no. I’m sorry.

The dad kindly says, “Don’t want a sugar rush, huh?”

The thing is, I always buy the candy. And I would have this time, too, if I wasn’t going full tilt trying to get done with those stupid leaves.

I should have said yes. I wanted to call after them to come back, but they were too far away.

Next time. I’ll stop for two minutes. I’ll say yes.

Makes me think about my own selling technique. Rather like the little boy asking a tired woman in a frenzy who just wanted to drop into bed. Trying hard to make a living, I should pay attention to the mood of my clients. Everyone is so darn tired, these days. Worn out. No wonder sales are so slow! Everyone’s working too hard to stop, take a look, say yes.

And you know what? I wish I had that piece of candy right now…

Captain of my row boat — less fat, more muscle

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Yesterday, I talked to a friend of mine, an ex-boss, who was telling me he recently had visited with a couple of my ex-co-workers. Although both are excellent writers and good editors, they are out of work, and often, they told him, they don’t get responses when they answer an ad.

Made me think about my own decisions. I wouldn’t know about that, I told my friend, because I haven’t been trying to get a job. Building up my freelance has been difficult, for sure, but it feels more like the pain you have after exercise – it comes from the process of exertion, and, although it hurts, you know that it will go away eventually, and, in the meantime, you are getting stronger…

Perhaps that’s the feeling they have too. I don’t know. I hope so.

we’ll see about that

won’t we?

Realized something totally weird. The Old Bitch gets so concentrated, that she has to be distracted to change projects. Is that a kind of oxymoron? Should I talk about that?

It’s kind of like a little voice that keeps reminding her that there’s another project that needs attention. It stays on the back burner until it becomes unbearable, and then, once the heat is up, the pot gets stirred. ok. enough is enough.

Bizarre realization

Sometimes you really can get what you want. I managed to achieve my goals two days in a row. Only trouble is, I don’t know how I did it, so I can’t pass the knowledge along.

I can wish you good luck, though, with your own goals, and, if I dare, I suggest that you go for broke, but don’t kill yourself in the process (in other words, have some fun). These may have been key elements in my little successes, but, at this point, I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth. Age, in this case, is not the main problem. more concerned about getting bitten.