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I’m a writer and just all around regular person. I work freelance, and plan to keep it that way. When I took the buyout a few years ago from The Palm Beach Post, I started blogging so that I could keep writing, one way or another.

Print, on real paper, is having a tough time since this digital world took over, so, since everyone in the world has a blog, I thought I’d better get with the program.

So I am writing for you, Dear Reader, because all my life, my favorite writers wrote for me. The ones I’ve loved the most talked directly to me. Had the courage to share their thoughts. Told me things. And I learned. Now, I don’t know if you will learn that much from me, but, I thought, we could converse, and let what comes about, come about…

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  1. Security, blanket or otherwise, is most definitely an illusion. Once you think you’ve got it, it can be pulled out from under you like a throw rug. Your life can change in an instant.

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